Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Day 27th jan 2015

Today we had an earlier start due to the heat
So headed to the course to start team lance. This was an interesting one as we hadn't had the chance to run this group of horses together, so we needed to work out who goes well.

Michael and peter were out the front with me and Adrian bringing up the rear with Adrians pony being enthusiastic and blotting its copy book with some rearing action.

Again our pegging is patchy, but we were still in with a chance after round A.

We had a long lunch break with plenty of time to chill by the pool, however this does mean my legs are looking a bit red tonight!!

Lunch was a traditional sudanese burger & chips, our diet this week could possibly explain why the GB ponies are getting slower, but was very good nevertheless.

Round B of team lance was a mixed bag for us and we were absolutely gutted to lose bronze to Qatar by 1 point!

Pairs was next and I paired with Peter, whilst Adrian and Michael ran together. Sadly i let the side down with a 2 not 6 on lance, and we were out of the medals again!

So we are so close, but so far, however are all hungry for a win and are out for a fight tomorrow!

Dinner tonight was in the hotel, which was nice to relax, although i am still complaining about being cold due to fierce air con!

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Rest day 26th Jan 2015

Today we are on our rest day, so following a later breakfast at 9am we were off to the market

Lots of interesting things to be bought, but as usual Michael lead the way in the shopping department

Lunch was an egyptian restaurant and we had lots of food, but weren't really sure what it was!!

In the afternoon we headed to the army military academy to watch army and navy cadets pass out. They were both from sudan and Libiya

This evening i've gone to bed early to see if it improves performance!

Monday, 26 January 2015

Evening 25th Jan 2015

Well lets just say this is a day i'd like to forget

After a quick swim to refresh at lunchtime, round 2 was going to start at 4:30pm sharp....
So the british baked in 37oC waiting to start as we were first on... it got pushed to 5pm and then finally started at 5:15pm. The cameras were there, but couldn't see a van so not convinced the live tv was accurate...

Anyway after we were nicely sweaty lets just say we didn't cover ourselves in glory... especially me!

For oranges i swapped to a different  horse, as my stallion won't do teams as too risky, given that he kicks and attacks.

First run was good both oranges but reached for the peg and missed. Then second run my line was bad, i used my legs over corrected made a total hash of it (he moves more with leg pressure than the other horse) and ended up with a big fat zero

Its day off tomorrow and Tina is threatening push ups by the pool as punishment!!

This evening was dinner at a lebanese restaurant, because we are so hungry by 10pm the british haven't managed to restrain themselves on starters so consequently feel incredibly stuffed most of the time.

The food so far has been amazing, all fresh and really good flavours... however this would not be a good trip for vegetarians or those with nut allergies!

Morning 25th Jan 2015

Well this morning is individual sword, all the team doing well apart from me, with 3 zeros i am curently trying to get sports physiology going, but do feel very despondent.

However getting tips from Mansoor and General Atef, so i will try my best to recover my dignty this afternoon

We had a good crowd and lots of cheering from school children

This afternoons session will be broadcast live on Sudan TV at 4.30pm (1.30pm GMT), you can watch live via the internet


Breakfast picture

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Evening 24th Jan 2015

Lunch was sudanese BBQ where fresh meat was cooked for you. We had lamb, beef, and lambs liver... latter not being my favourite but was apparently very good.

I also got a taste for a local drink a mix of 7up and yogurt

After lunch we had a cool off in the pool as temperatures topped 35oC today and are forecasted to hit 37oC tomorrow!

We meet back at the ground at 4pm and started on round 2 of individual lance, having beaten myself up over this mornings performance i was pleased to pick up all my pegs.

Next came rings and peg, and all brits scored, but we didn't manage a full house, but everyone put in lots of points.

The evening was the official opening ceremony, with lots of speeches, presentations and sudanese dancing

Ind Lance Results:
Gold Egypt
Silver Qatar
Bronze Egypt

Gold, silver & bronze: Sudan

Morning 24th Jan 2015

Round one of individual lance completed. A mixed bag from team GB everyone is scoring, but Michael is the only one a full house so far

Egypt is leading, followed by Sudan, GB is closely behind and Qatar is brining up the rear.

Grooms on horses, guess which is mine.....