Monday, 31 March 2014

Oman World Championship Day 1 & 2

Welcome back to the blog, I've been slightly remiss on blogging, but I shall endeavour to restart!!

The team arrived in Oman late on Thursday, as you can see we don't travel light!!

After a rather leisurely breakfast on friday we went to the grounds to inspect the course and check out the club house.

The club house was beautiful and had a rather stunning swimming pool, although was lacking in water - we hope this will be filled ahead of the competition.

Saturday was a busy day for me and I spent it working on the ITPF documents and speech writing. This was ok whilst the team were back at the venue, but I did feel a little put out after seeing them all enjoy the pool.
Today we got up at 05:30 to have breakfast at 6am ready to leave in plenty of time for the draw of horses.  The British, Australians and South Africans were ready on time and waiting for the rest of the countries. I am coming to the conclusion we may be given slightly earlier times to encourage some of the others to actually be on time…  I’m all for leaving it later, but the team insist on being punctual.

The team order was drawn first, and GB are the eight team to run in competition. The horses were then drawn, and after 2 horses being drawn for each team, we inspected the horses and microchips were read to confirm the identity of each horse.  Following by another round of drawing the last 3 horses.  This did make the whole procedure rather a long time!!

Once we had drawn the horses half the teams practiced, including GB, and the other half went back to the hotel to return in the afternoon.

GB managed to draw 4 chestnuts and 1 bay horse, so we are very much a team of brown horses!

Practice went well with lots of swapping and trying out different horses. Finding equipment was a bit hairy and seemed very much a free for all, this meant we were very glad that everyone has brought their own bridles and in my case my usual stock saddle.

I got given a bay horse to ride and stuck with him for the entire session; however after the first run it did take me a long time to pull him up!

The others all coped well with their horses and were getting to grips with them, we have a few jumpy ones, but nothing nasty.

Practice came and went too quickly, and we only managed 5 of our 6 runs before the track closed.
In the afternoon we mulled over the horses with a team session in the pool

The evening event was at the town hall with the launch of the new International Tent Pegging Federation logo, World Cup and website.

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