Thursday, 3 April 2014

Super quick update

Sorry guys I'm struggling to do the blog as was in an ITPF meeting for most of this evening

However super quick update :-
Team lance - bit of a disaster as we were just a few points behind South Africa after round A, but Sarah's horse went lame so we had to run with 3 horses for round B. Michael was also on a new horse so we were out of the medals

In pairs I ran with Adrian and after a full house on the first run, we got a bit excited about being in the running and then proceeded to blank in the second run, so some sports psychology needed!

Sarah also had a new horse for the pairs so didn't even have one practice run so although we picked up more points, just not enough

Last day tomorrow!

Acuity Pivothead Glasses!

My mare likes to leap at the start!

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